Monday, June 9, 2014


Having you has been such a nice experience, Elizabeth!
We will miss you, I'm sure. It's been 20 months of your presence in the school, always with a smile on your lips and ready to help everyone, students and teachers. We are glad to know that you have enjoyed your stay at Fidiana, and that your work here may have had some influence on your discovered vocation for teaching.
All the best for your future, and count on us whenever you need!
Much love from the team of CLIL Teachers and from your students!

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Last May 27th a brief ceremony took place at the school's main hall. The students whose photos had been voted by fellow-students and teachers as the best among the ones exhibited on the CLIL Day last February were given an award. They were given a diploma certifying their condition as prize winners and a quality copy of their picture, which they can keep as a memento of their successful participation in the event.
The CLIL Programme Coordinator thanked the School Principal for the school's colaboration in the Day's events; the team of CLIL teachers, for their hard work at making everything ready (with a special mention of our team member Ángela Raigón, who had the idea of organising a photographic exhibition this year, and of Lola Mahedero, our Art teacher, who, as usual, was the soul behind the exhibition's layout); Elizabeth, our language assistant, whose aid was a valuable help; and our Fidiana students, who received the idea with enthusiasm and offered their imaginative pictures, some of them taken with almost professional skill.