Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2nd C.L.I.L. Day at I.E.S. Fidiana

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Last March 7th our school celebrated its second edition of the C.L.I.L. Day at I.E.S. Fidiana, this way repeating last year's successful experience of devoting a day to show the work which the teachers and students involved in this Programme are developing.

All E.S.O. students took part in the activities of the day, teamed up in groups of four CLIL and non-CLIL students, as one of the main goals was to break up the distinctions between those pupils who are following the bilingual programme and those who are not.

During the central hours of the morning, the students visited an exhibition of pupil-made materials set up in the school's main hall. The different exhibits related aspects of the school content areas to the olympic sports.

Simultaneously, four sets of students in turn came into the school theatre and watched a "black light theatre" performance prepared by some of their schoolmates, which combined shadows and music played by the pupils themselves.

Finally, and for the last two hours, all the students were led to several rooms, where a simultaneous Jeopardy competition, in which our boys and girls could show their knowledge about the different subjects, was conducted by the CLIL teachers.

All this was possible thanks to the hard work of the team of  CLIL teachers and the enthusiasm and participation our school students.

We are looking forward to a new edition next year!