Thursday, September 27, 2012


Purificación Miralles (Philosophy), Susana Merino (Technology) and Luis Águila (Biology) are the new members of the C.L.I.L. team this year. They are replacing Rocío Fernández, Maribel del Río and Carmen Granados, who have been walking along with us on the trail of bilingual education for some time and have recently left the school. Our farewell to them, with a grateful feeling for their contribution to our Programme, and our welcome to Pura, Susana and Luis, wishing them all the best for the year ahead. Let's hope at the end of June they will still be keeping that smile they had this morning when this picture was taken: that will mean they have enjoyed a nice and satisfactory experience in I.E.S. Fidiana.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


A new academic year has just begun, and it brings some interesting hits to Fidiana's C.L.I.L. Programme:
- All ESO 1 students starting this year are following a CLIL curriculum.
- Students are all mixed up (no more bilingual vs. non-bilingual group distinctions) except for the Content Subjects in each curriculum level. (See menu on the right for a list of content subjects).
- Some new C.L.I.L. teachers have joined the team, so replacing others who have left this year.
- The first promotion of C.L.I.L. students finish Bachillerato 2 next May.
Hopefully the months ahead will be quite enjoyable and productive.
Welcome back to school!!!