Wednesday, October 30, 2013


As a reminder of the never ending calendar's movement forwards, Elizabeth has decorated the English Department door with pumpkins, ghosts and spiders....
Does it mean Halloween is already here one more time?


Yes, sure it does! And our assistant has also had a Halloween session with the younger students, where she has taught them how to carve a pumpkin and make a Jack-o-lantern, as well as some basic vocabulary and  rhymes related to this popular festival.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Elizabeth Kur, English Language Assistant at I.E.S. Fidiana -for a second time this year- and Luis Soldevilla, C.L.I.L. Programme Coordinator in our school, took part in a meeting with this year's new assistants  for  schools in Córdoba and sorrounding towns.

The sesión, intended to welcome and give some orientations to the newly arrived foreign assistants, took place last Thursday 3rd October and consisted of several lectures on topics ranging from practical daily life matters to guidelines on the assistants' work in C.L.I.L. school.

Luis told the audience different aspects of what working along with English assistants in I.E.S. Fidiana, has been like in the last few years, and Elizabeth reported her experience last year and gave her new colleagues some tips for a nice stay in Córdoba and in their host schools.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


A new promotion of students from our associated elementary school, C.E.I.P. Juan de Mena have turned up at the beginning of this new term and are now going ahead in our school and CLIL Programme. They are a bunch of promising teenagers that will for sure mark a highlight in the history of IES Fidiana.
We will keep watching them closely!


Elena León (Biology), Esperanza Sánchez (Geography and History) and Luis Vallés (Philosophy) are the latest three teachers who have joined Fidiana's CLIL team.
Welcome on board!

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Among the students who graduated in Bachillerato at the end of this school year are the group of pupils who, six years ago, started their C.L.I.L. curriculum at Fidiana.
These have been six exciting and rewarding years for us, the teachers, and I guess for the students as well.
Now it is time for them to go ahead with  heir lives and their careers, but hopefully they will bring along with them the imprint of the education -and that includes the C.L.I.L. training- received at I.E.S. Fidiana.
Good luck to you all!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Our assistant, Elizabeth Kur, finished her appointment as an assistant in our school last May 31st. Nevertheless, she has applied for and been admitted as an assistant next year, therefore we will be enjoying her presence among us starting on October 1st.
Happy summer holidays, Eliizabeth!!! See you soon!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013


As part of the activities organised to celebrate the international Book Day (April 23rd) the school library has collected and exhibited reading recommendations from students, teachers and parents. Under the title "I recommend this book", some of our C.L.I.L. students have participated in the activity submitting their recommendations written in English.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


C.L.I.L.Bachillerato-2  Science students are the authors of an exhibition of different types of rocks,  which is now decorating the laboratories' entrance hall at I.E.S. Fidiana. The exhibits are labelled both in English and Spanish.
Congratulations to their teacher, Luis Águila, and the pupils who are taking part in the Project.


Thursday, April 25, 2013


Elizabeth Kur, our language assistant, keeps performing her tasks in the school. These include helping C.L.I.L. teachers prepare their lessons and materials from a linguistic point of view, as well as assisting them in the classroom and  helping the English teachers introduce American culture in class through presentations, games and other activities.
She is in contact with all the students from ESO 1 to Bachillerato 1, and she is a strongly motivating element for the use of English in the school.
Good job, Elizabeth!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


As planned, last Tuesday 9th April we our 3rd CLIL Day took place. All the day's activities (visiting the exhibition and speeches on "The Europe of Values", attending the play "Living a Celebration", playing the quiz show "Eurocontest") were quite successful, and both students and teachers had a good time.

Thanks should be given to the team of CLIL teachers for their hard work and dedication (the weeks and especially the day before the 9th was really "marathonian"), as well as Lola's help to put up the exhibition's settings and rescueing last year's score boards for the quiz show. Thanks also to the ESO students for taking an interest in the different activities of the day,


and thanks to Gema's Bachillerato students who performed the beautiful play "Living a Celebration"; to the ones who assisted the teachers in the different rooms during the quiz contest time, and also Pura´s Ethics and Citizenship students who gave those nice speeches at our particular "speakers' corner".

We are appointed to a new edition of Fdiana's C.L.I.L. Day next year!

fidiana's clil day on the media

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Next Tuesday, 9th April, I.E.S. Fidiana is going to celebrate its 3rd C.L.I.L. Day. The event, developed by the school teachers involved in the CLIL Programme, will be participated by students from all levels at the school. This year the Day's topic is The Europe of Values, and is an attempt to pay a tribute to 2012 Nobel Preace Prize winning European Union, highlighting various values and contributions of Europe to the world. Throughout the day's activities, extending from 10.30 up to 15.00 hours, the students are going to visit an exhibition of materials their school mates have created over the previous weeks and months, matching different aspects of the European Union with their C.L.I.L. subjects; in addition to this, they are also going to attend the play "Living a Celebration", performed by Bachillerato 1 students with music partially played by the pupils themselves; and, finally, they are going to take part in the quiz show Eurocontest, with questions prepared by the C.L.I.L. teachers.
All this will happen with the aim of promoting participation and collaboration between C.L.I.L. and non-C.L.I.L. students from different school levels, as well as showing the educational community, whose members are all invited to pop into the school and take part in this C.L.I.L. Day, the work being developed as part of this school Programme.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Our new assistant, Elizabeth Kur, from Michigan, U.S.A., has just arrived. We were looking forward to meeting her, as this is the first time we haven't had an English language assistant working along with us in our CLIL Programme from the beginning of October. She has already started to meet students and teachers, and we wish her a happy stay among us, in this school and city.
Welcome, Elizabeth!