Tuesday, April 16, 2013


As planned, last Tuesday 9th April we our 3rd CLIL Day took place. All the day's activities (visiting the exhibition and speeches on "The Europe of Values", attending the play "Living a Celebration", playing the quiz show "Eurocontest") were quite successful, and both students and teachers had a good time.

Thanks should be given to the team of CLIL teachers for their hard work and dedication (the weeks and especially the day before the 9th was really "marathonian"), as well as Lola's help to put up the exhibition's settings and rescueing last year's score boards for the quiz show. Thanks also to the ESO students for taking an interest in the different activities of the day,


and thanks to Gema's Bachillerato students who performed the beautiful play "Living a Celebration"; to the ones who assisted the teachers in the different rooms during the quiz contest time, and also Pura´s Ethics and Citizenship students who gave those nice speeches at our particular "speakers' corner".

We are appointed to a new edition of Fdiana's C.L.I.L. Day next year!

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