Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I.E.S. Fidiana is going to celebrate its 4th C.L.I.L. Day on February 19th.
This year the motto of the activities to take place is "Voices from the inner self", as we are trying to highlight the importance of letting out the feelings, ambitions, fears, dreams we all carry inside us,
Our students were asked, some weeks ago, to take pictures of themselves with messages handwritten on their body. These photos are now going to be shown in a photographic exhibition on oour CLIL Day.All the students,  from 1st year to Bachillerato, will come round the exhibition hall in turn and will be able to watch and judge  the voiceless cries their school mates have tried to put across in their pictures.
In addition to that, all the pupils are going to watch three films (each for a diofferent level) in original version starred by characters who also communicate deep feelings and emotions: Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire, Ken Loach's Sweet Sixteen, and the much praised short film Validation.

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